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A new use for cupcake cream.

How will I ever lose this weight before your father and I leave for that tropical vacation? I go to the gym almost daily and watch what I eat. I didnt even partake of my own birthday cake last night at my party! I feel like I just want to cry. Look at me! I had to sign a paper before I married your dad that said I would remain my same weight throughout our marriage or he could divorce me without paying any alimony. I cant stay the same weight I was 20 years ago! What is that you are hiding behind your back? You bought me a cupcake cause you felt so bad I didn't eat birthday cake? You are the sweetest man. I should do something nice for you cause you just made my day so much better. You don't care if I have some chub on me do you? I can see you have a bulge in your pants. While I eat my cupcake, you should touch yourself. I want you to feel even better than eating this cup cake is going to make me feel.

Date Added: 11/24/2021
Starring: Zoey Holloway
Company: ErosArts, Inc.
Running Time: 9 mins

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