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Stroke it for your stepmommy

Your dad is passed out from drinking way to many beers tonight. Look at me and how hot I look all dressed up! I can't believe he chose to get drunk instead of bang the shit out of me tonight, which leads me to why I am here in your room. I can't go to bed without seeing a cock tonight. We aren't really family since I'm only your stepmom so I figured your cock is as good as any plus it's only down the hall from mine and your dad's bedroom so it's a convenient cock. I'm not going to fuck you tonight but I do want to see your cock and watch you pleasure yourself while you are looking at me. I want to feel sexy again and know I can get a young cock like yours hard. Your dad left me feeling very undesirable tonight. You can stroke yourself for me can't you? Oh yes, just like that. Do you like the sexy lingerie I'm wearing? You can see my clit and pussy through these lacey panties. Keep stroking that young thick cock for me. I may have to sneak back in here some other time to actually fuck that gorgeous cock of yours. Your thick meat stick is almost twice as big as your father's dick! Now I'm going to be fantasizing about fucking you and you're right down the hall from me! Go ahead look at my pink pussy as you stroke yourself and imagine stuffing me full of your cock. I can see you staring at my big titties. I'll sit here and I want you to position yourself so you can spray your hot seed all over my big tits. That's it kneel above me and stroke while I count down to one and at one you're going to release your load all over these big fun bags. Oh yes! Look at all that creamy cum you gave me! You're such a little stud muffin. Now don't tell your dad about this so I can come make visits to you every night. Would you like to have a secret affair with your stepmother? Keep quiet about this and I will make it happen. I can hardly wait to see that thick cock of yours again.

Date Added: 09/20/2020
Starring: Alexis Grace
Company: ErosArts, Inc.
Running Time: 9 mins

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