Are you really smelling my hose?  |  (Random)

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Are you really smelling my hose?

I am so late for work and I really need a pair of pantyhose. The only ones I own are completely ripped in the front but I have to go dig them out of the trash and at least present myself at work in them until I can leave for lunch and get a new pair. What's this? Why are you sitting on my bedroom floor with my ripped pantyhose under your nose? Look, you father and I haven't been married very long and I really can't handle any weirdness from your right now. We're almost the same age for fuck's sake can't you show me a little respect as your step mother though? You know what? I'm so pissed I'm going to just give you what you're looking for anyway and maybe this will get it out of your system. Lie down on the floor and take a good giant inhale of my pantyhose crotch. I want to hear your inhale. Breathe deeper and deeper! Get all your sniffs right now because if I catch you in my garbage again pulling out my used hose I will most certainly tell your father. I know why you want to smell my hose, so you can jack off. I'm leaving for work now and you should go to your own room and crank your damn cock now that you've got all the smells of my crotch that you need you little pantyhose pervert.

Date Added: 08/21/2020
Starring: Brooklyn Chase
Company: ErosArts, Inc.
Running Time: 6 mins

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