By deductive reasoning you are guilty.  |  (Random)

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By deductive reasoning you are guilty.

There are only three of us in this house, you, your dad, and me. Your dad has been at work all day and I know for a fact he wants nothing to do with my granny panties as he calls them. I found a sticky kind of foul smelling substance on a pair of my panties that I thought were clean and dry in the clothes dryer. Would you like to explain why you took my panties and put them back soiled with your semen? You either have the hots for me or you want to feel like a girl and you use my panties to get yourself off. You are going to put these soiled panties back on and show me what you do with your little mini dick while wearing my panties.

Date Added: 07/22/2020
Starring: Dani Dupree
Company: ErosArts, Inc.
Running Time: 10 mins

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