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Jerk off lesson with step mom Vicky

Step mommie Vicky wants to have a talk with you. Why are your socks all sticky? Vicky knows why, but she wants to show you the right way to cum so that she has less laundry to do for you. Does your cock get hard when you see breasts? It does, she observes, so she begins her lesson. Start stroking your dick, but watch her pace. You are going too quickly too soon. Her fleshy tits are hanging out of her bra, so that gives you fine inspiration. You go slower and you gently handle your balls to her direction. Ash she makes the JO motion with her hand, you notice her titties bouncing. Vicky is turned on because she sees how much you look like your father. She is unable to resist playing with her pussy. This time when you cum, though, step mommie Vicky wants you to use a tissue instead of a sock. She increases the pace of your strokes and then slows it down just in time. For someone who does not actually have a penis, she seems to know exactly what to do with one. You do appreciate her taking the time to help you along. She asks you to go faster and faster, getting turned on in the process herself. Are you ready to cum now? Yes? Oh, yes!!! You shoot a big load into the tissue, just as you were instructed to do.

Date Added: 01/19/2017
Starring: Vicky Vixen
Company: ErosArts, Inc.
Running Time: 8 mins

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