Milked dry by step mommie Darryl Hanah  |  (Random)

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Milked dry by step mommie Darryl Hanah

Your step mother is concerned about the girl you are dating. Darryl thinks that you might be dating a slut and she wants to make sure that you do not get hurt. She has known you for your whole life and she really cares about you. You should have a woman who treats you right, and she does not believe your current girlfriend fits the bill. Darryl has your needs in mind and she is concerned for your future. What happens if you get this girl pregnant? You have been in college for about a year, and getting this girl knocked up could ruin your life. Step mommie Darryl has a proposal for you. She thinks that you should drain your balls so that you do not do something dumb tonight. You agree and Darryl leads you through the ball draining process. Your toxic sperm must be eliminated and step mommie Darryl can help you with that. She pulls down her top and suggests that you take off your pants. Your big, hard dick surprises her. She asks you to start stroking your dick as she strips down. She is a tall, sexy blond. You think that she must be considered a MILF or maybe a cougar. Whatever you call her, she is very sexy. So concerned for your well-being, she takes your dick in her hand and works it for you. It is clear that she knows her way around a dick. It is also clear that this is making her horny. Go ahead and work your dick again. This is really for the best, you know. Step mommie Darryl is excited to watch you cum, though you cannot be sure whether she wants to watch you cum for fun or whether it is to make sure that your balls are completely empty before your date tonight. Either way, you empty your balls, per step mommie's orders.

Date Added: 01/11/2017
Starring: Darryl Hanah
Company: ErosArts, Inc.
Running Time: 9 mins

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