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Step mommie Brenda watches me jerk off

Your step mommie Brenda wonders if you have been jerking off a lot since you do not bring home girls too often. In fact, she passed by your room the other night and she heard you jerking off. It feels a little uncomfortable for you being confronted like this, but she really has your best interests at heart. She would like to see your jerking technique. It is clear that your step mommie wants you because she takes your dick in her hand. That only makes her hornier and she begins to play with her big tits. Then she slides her finger into her pussy and you can hear how wet she is. Her meaty labia would feel so good wrapped around your dick, but you cannot fuck her. For now, you will simply jerk off for her. Before you realize it, she is begging you to cum all over her titties and she licks up every drop you give her.

Date Added: 12/20/2015
Starring: Brenda James
Company: ErosArts, Inc.
Running Time: 9 mins

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